Alternatives to smacking, physical/corporal punishment (booklets)

Alternatives to Smacking Children booklet by NAPCAN

A small booklet providing advice regarding:

  • Why smacking is a bad idea
  • Helping kids to behave without having to hit
  • Things to try if you are at the end of your tether!
  • Behavior is a family business
  • Self-care for Parents

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Alternatives to Corporal Punishmet

A booklet advising on:

  • What is Corporal Punishment?
  • Why Physical Punishment is not Acceptable
  • Alternatives to Corporal Punishment
  • Setting Boundaries: Learn to Recognise Appropriate Behaviour
  • Children’s Right to Participate in their own Discipline
  • The Need for Rules and Limits

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21 Practical Alternatives to Smacking by Barnardos

A list of strategies to do instead of smacking

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