Anxiety & Depression Workbook for Dummies

This book is to give its readers a wide range of skills and tools for managing anxiety and depression.


Part I: Analyzing Angst and Preparing a Plan
Chapter 1: Sorting Out Signs of Anxiety and Depression
Chapter 2: Discovering the Beginnings
Chapter 3: Overcoming Obstacles to Change
Chapter 4: Minding Your Moods

Part II: Thinking About Thinking: Thought Therapy
Chapter 5: Untangling Twisted Thinking7
Chapter 6: Indicting and Rehabilitating Thoughts
Chapter 7: Correcting Your Life-Lenses: A New Vision
Chapter 8: Managing Mindfulness and Achieving Acceptance

Part III: Actions Against Angst: Behavior Therapy
Chapter 9: Facing Feelings: Avoiding Avoidance
Chapter 10: Lifting Mood Through Exercise
Chapter 11: Entertaining Enjoyment
Chapter 12: Getting Moving and Tackling Life’s Problems

Part IV: Phocus on Physical Pheelings
Chapter 13: Relaxing the Heart and Soul
Chapter 14: Making the Medication Decision

Part V: Relationship Therapy
Chapter 15: Restoring Relationships
Chapter 16: Smoothing Out Conflict

Part VI: Looking Beyond Anxiety and Depression
Chapter 17: Reining In Relapse
Chapter 18: Promoting Positive

Part VII: The Part of Tens
Chapter 19: Ten Resources for Help
Chapter 20: Ten Quick Ways Out of Upset

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