When can we go home? An activity book for kids who’ve had to leave their homes

Children have to leave their homes for many reasons. Natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, can uproot hundreds of thousands of children in just a few days. Many other children become homeless in less dramatic ways. For financial or other family reasons, children may find themselves living with relatives, in foster homes, or in shelters, instead of in the homes they know and love.

This book is designed to help children do two things: cope with the reality of being away from their homes and develop the “emotional intelligence” skills they need to be resilient throughout life. Although children may not truly be satisfied until you can answer the question posed by the title of this book — When can we go home?— you need to know that there are things you can do every day to make life easier for children who have had to leave their homes

Includes 13 activities to help make children more resilient in any difficult situation.


To the Grown-Ups Using This Book
To the Kids Using This Book
Activity 1: Special Things You Left Behind
Activity 2: Being Yourself
Activity 3: Feeling Safe
Activity 4: It’s Okay to Wish and Dream
Activity 5: Imagining Your Bedroom
Activity 6: Having a Schedule
Activity 7: Learning to Solve Your Problems
Activity 8: Focusing on Good Things That Happen
Activity 9: Meeting New People
Activity 10: Making a New Plan
Activity 11: Finding People to Help You
Activity 12: Learning to Calm Yourself
Activity 13: Having Fun

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