Growing up drug free: A parent’s guide to prevention

‘Growing up drug free: A parent’s guide to prevention’ provides a user-friendly guide for what to do and how to communicate about the harmful effects of illicit drugs and alcohol to children from elementary through high school. It is organized in 6 major sections: What you…

Terminating cannabis dependency workbook

This 15-page workbook provides users with real and practical steps for taking control of their cannabis use, and ultimately quitting. It helps build the motivation for change, set goals and plans, and manage withdrawal. The booklet aims to help service users: build motivation to change…

Quitting cannabis workbook

This 36-page booklet provides a practical and interactive do-it-yourself guide for cannabis users who wish to quit cannabis or reduce their use. It covers the following topics Cannabis and you Preparing for change Strategies for change Managing withdrawal Putting it all together Relapse prevention

The Truth about Drugs booklet by Frank

The Truth about Drugs A-Z booklet gives the lowdown on lots of legal and illegal drugs. Give it to your service user or discuss the topics with them – the discussion will enable you to assess their understanding of drugs and drug related problems.

The Truth about Drugs booklet by Drug Free World

The Truth about Drugs is a visually catching booklet which talks about the basic facts about commonly abused drugs (description, street names and short/long term effects). Great for handing out to your service user or discussing the topic with them. 

Drugs & Alcohol Workbook

Excellent workbook enabling practitioners to assist their service user to understand their addiction cycle, introduce tools which can be used during their recovery and teach them various coping strategies for life. Click here to view/download CONTENTS: Introduction How to use this workbook Introduction to substance use…