TF-CBT Triangle of Life – Mobile game app

This free app, which is based on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, has been designed to support traumatised children (aged 8-12) to heal by helping them better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and move toward a better quality of life. During this novel game, the…

My Feelings Activity Book For Children 3–6 Years Old

My Feelings Activity Book was created to help very young children identify their feelings and learn how to describe them. This book is intended to be read aloud to children by parents, caregivers, preschool teachers, clergy, social workers, therapists, or by any other helping professional….

Dealing With Depression: Antidepressant Skills for Teens

The handbook covers various topic on depression such as what depression is, what causes it and how to treat it. The handbook contains several worksheets which encourage a young person to think of their own ideas about addressing depression.

Project: Kids, Let’s Talk – Storybook for military families

A young boy named Luc experiences loneliness, worry, and anger. His parents work for the military and the family often experiences change, like moving to a new base and deployments. With his dad away, Luc must now take on more responsibility and he is feeling…

Hole in One – A children’s book dealing with anxiety disorder

A young boy named Teeman can’t seem to relax. He gets so nervous sometimes that his heart beats very fast, he feels nauseous, dizzy, or often gets a bad headache. Teeman meets Iris the Dragon and learns techniques like Dragon Breathing to relax. This is a…

Mighty Moe: An Anxiety Workbook for Children

This 79-pages book includes a story which explains in an aged-appropriate way what anxiety is and how it affects one’s life, and a workbook which provides a child with various techniques how to relax, think positively and solve problems.

Healthy Body Image: Information & Interactive Activities

This 107-page resource aims to provide information and interactive activities to promote the development of a healthy body image. Table of Contents: Activity 1: Scavenger Hunt (Icebreaker) Activity 2: How’s Your Body Image? Activity 3: Body expression! Activity 4: What Makes an Ideal Body? Activity…

Something Small: A Story about Remembering (for young children)

A story helping young children cope with grief; about Elmo’s cousin who discovers simple everyday ways to remember her father through familiar routines, favourite songs, stories, and special comfort items. Talk together about the different things that she does. Some might be just right for a child you work with.

Little Children Big Challenges: Incarceration (Story Book)

A story book which explains to children that it is OK to miss their parent who is currently in prison and which points out that there are other people who love them and who they can be cared for by.  In addition, Sesame Street created a Guide for Parents and Caregivers…