Child Protection: Consultation with children toolkit

This beautifully illustrated guide describes various interactive techniques which social workers can use to engage children in a child protection process. The booklet not only provides various tips on activities which can be used but also contains a range of tools which professionals can print out.


1. Wishing Well Game
2. Faces Technique
3. Duck Exercise
4. Simple Board Game
5. Since We Last Met Game
6. Various sheets:

Get to know me
Important things that have happened to me
Things that make me feel safe
What I want to say
The Child Protection Conference (for children aged 10+ who may want to attend)
My Future
My needs
Important people to me
The kind of person I am
This is how I see myself
This is what I would change by waving my magic wand
This is where I would visit on my magic carpet:
A picture of my nicest day
What makes me angry, sad & happy?
What makes me laugh?

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