Coping with Bullying: Booklet for PARENTS of children between 6 and 12

This booklet is for parents of children aged 6 to 12 years who are being bullied and for parents of children who are bullying others. It gives information on the reasons behind bullying and how they can help their child if they are being bullied or are bullying other children.

Topics covered:

  • What is Bullying?
  • Does Bullying Happen A Lot?
  • Why do children bully?
  • What about adults who bully children?
  • Why are children bullied?
  • In what ways do children bully?
  • How does bullying affect children?
  • Is my child being bullied?
  • What do I need to look out for?
  • My child is being bullied. What next?
  • How do I help my child who is being bullied?
  • How can I link with my child’s school?
  • My child is bullying. What should I do next?
  • Sources of Further Information

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