Coping with sexual assault: a guide for young people

This booklet has been written for young people aged 13 to 16 who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

If this has happened to you, perhaps you are struggling to cope? Do you think that no-one understands what you have gone through and how it makes you feel? Maybe you think you are losing your mind? Do you try to do everything possible not to talk or think about what has happened?

In our experience people who understand their reactions after an assault are better at coping with them and so are able to recover more quickly. As such the focus of this booklet is on common thoughts, feelings and  behaviour following an assault as well as offering practical tips on how to cope. Topics like the law, myths about rape and sexual assault and
who you can contact if you have been assaulted are also covered.


The law
Who should I tell?
Myths and facts
How will I feel and how do I cope?
Impact on school, home, friendships and relationships
Who else can help?

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