Dealing With Depression: Antidepressant Skills for Teens

Dealing With Depression Antidepressant Skills for Teens-thumbnailThe handbook covers various topic on depression such as what depression is, what causes it and how to treat it. The handbook contains several worksheets which encourage a young person to think of their own ideas about addressing depression.

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About Dealing With Depression

What is depression?
Figuring out if you’re depressed…or just sad

What causes depression?
The truth about stress, gloomy thinking and depression

What can you do about depression?
Getting help, talking to friends, learning skills, taking pills… Antidepressant skills

To help prevent or recover from depression

Realistic thinking
Thinking fairly about yourself

Problem solving
Handling difficult situations

Goal setting
Setting goals you’re going to reach Useful stuff Reasons to change

Drugs, alcohol and depression

Diet, exercise and depression

Dealing with relapse


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