Expect Respect – A Toolkit for Addressing Teenage Relationship Abuse in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

Home_Office_teen-abuse-toolkit1-thumbnailThe ‘Expect Respect’ resource has been developed for teachers however some of the activities can be adapted for use individually by a social worker. It offers a comprehensive package of engaging teaching material that encourages open ended, active learning that enable young people to explore abuse in relationships in ways that are relevant to their own lives.

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Section 1: Teachers’ notes

1. Introduction
2. Introduction to the lesson plans
3. Responding to a young person’s concerns

Section 2: The lesson plans

1. Court Room Game
2. Unwritten Rules and Managing Conflict
3. Introduction to Teenage Relationship Abuse
4. Myths and Realities
5. Behaviours – OK or not?
6. Young People And Relationship Abuse Section

3: Supporting resources

1. Suggested ground rules
2. Sources of help
3. An historical perspective on legal and cultural attitudes to domestic abuse – some helpful facts

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