Friend or Foe, Who can you trust? A sexual exploitation and relationships education programme

The Friend or Foe education resource was developed to help schools and other settings explore positive and negative relationships, peer pressure, sexual exploitation and use of new technologies.


Training material for staff

Positive and Negative Relationships
The exercises in this section look at developing good relationships and improving self-esteem, as these are vital elements to ensure young people develop healthy relationships in the future.

Pressures and Expectations
The exercises in this section, which can be delivered in any order, explore the pressures and expectations placed on young people and aim to help them develop strategies to resist the negative ones

Use of New Technologies – the Internet and Mobile Phones
This section attempts to raise young people’s awareness of sexual exploitation associated with new technologies, and helps them develop
strategies to deal with these issues, whilst also acknowledging that the Internet and mobile phones are a great resource and are here to stay.

Sexual Exploitation
This section deals more specifically with issues of actual sexual exploitation. It is therefore more appropriate for targeted groups of young people or those who have covered other exercises in this pack and have a good understanding of what constitutes a healthy relationship.

Support and Advice Services

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