Later Life Letters guides & examples

  • Later Life Letter by West Sussex County Council & Children first – Guidance & Examples

The guide covers the following topics: 

The Role and Purpose of the Later Life Letter
The Content of the Later Life Letter
What to Consider when Writing the Later Life Letter?

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  • Later Life Letter by Kent County Council – Guidance & Examples

The guide has the following content: 

Purpose of the Later Life Letter
What is important? Everything!
There is no Right or Wrong way to do This
What Information Should be Included?
How? Write it to the Child
Letter for an Adopted Child

Example 1: Straightforward placement of child whose birth parents requested adoption

Example 2: Letter where birth mother chose not to tell birth father about the child, the birth mother continued to care for two older children.

Example 3: Difficult and complicated birth family history – letter has been written in sections to facilitate giving information to the child at different times.

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