Living with a drug user: a booklet for the parents of drug users

A comprehensive 53 page booklet tackling in depth the many questions parents have when they find out a child is using drugs.

This is an excellent resource for all parents of drug users and provides the tools needed to cope with most situations. It also has an appendix of useful organisations which families can access for support.


  1. Using drugs
    Addresses key issues like why people take drugs, different levels of drug use and how to spot signs of drug use.
  2. Talking drugs
    Gets to grips with the difficulties of open and honest conversations about drugs, and includes testimonies from real-life families.
  3. Living with a drug user 
    Talks about the day-to-day difficulties of living with someone using drugs and discusses issues like boundary-setting, theft and debt, how to look after yourself and how to reduce risks in the home.
  4. Understanding treatment
    The complexities of the treatment system can be overwhelming for families. This chapter looks at different types of drug treatment and what they offer, along with issues surrounding aftercare and relapse.
  5. How to help your child
    This chapter deals with how to support your child through any changes they choose to make in their behaviour, including advice on detoxing, reasons that might be behind drug use and key points to remember.
  6. Useful organisations
    A list of other agencies you may find it useful to contact with concerns in specific areas.

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