Meet Mr Ant: Anger Management Programme for Children

The Program is organised as a Teaching and Learning Kit, comprised of:

  1. Picture Video Book: Meet Mr Angry Ant!
  2. Teacher Program & Guide: with full teaching/learning program notes, background information, suggested activity sequence, Activity Cards and handouts, and other Print Masters

The “Meet Mr Angry Ant!” Program utilises the picture book Meet Mr Angry Ant! in order to explore the issue of anger with a positive/strategic focus.

The book initially describes what angry behaviour looks like, including some of its potential consequences, and also ponders some of its possible causes. However, the main emphasis is both simple and empowering, since it is centred on helping children to make positive choices, by developing appropriate strategies for anger management i.e. both preventing anger from building up and dealing with anger in the moment, before it becomes out of control behaviour. The framework for anger management used centres on the promotion of self-awareness as a key to self-regulation.

Picture Video Book: Meet Mr Angry Ant!

Teacher Program & Guide

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