Proud of Me! Activity book for encouraging a sexually healthy child – Girls

This book contains a variety of activities and short stories that are designed to prevent sexual abuse.

These include:

Short stories

These are designed for emergent readers to read to their parents, or, if the children are too young, for you to read
to them. They are simply stories which allow children the opportunity to read about the personal parts of their
body, in everyday situations that will help bridge the sexuality gap. These are particularly good to start with for
children who are particularly uncomfortable with talk about the sexual parts of their body. These stories can be
a big help in overcoming a closed environment. Remember, have children read them to YOU whenever possible.
After all, it will be them needing to talk to you if something ever arises.

Body coloring sheets, nude and non-nude

There are several scene pictures in this book for children to color, which are designed to get them more
comfortable in talking about their body, and provide parents/workers with opportunities to discuss different scenarios.

Vocabulary sheets

There are a few vocabulary sheets for some words associated with healthy body image in sexual abuse prevention.
Kids can color the picture associated with it, and then read the description on the opposite page in order to get
more acquainted with some of the more important terms about healthy body awareness.

Various activities and workesheets

There are a variety of word searches, crosswords, and other activities, that are simply designed to be fun activities
for children do to which again, bring talk about the sexual organs of their body out into the open.

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