SenseAbility programme to enhance children’s (aged 12-18) emotional & psychological resilience (resources)

SenseAbility is a strengths-based resilience program designed for those working with young children aged 12-18 years. It consists of a suite of modules developed to enhance and maintain emotional and psychological resilience.

It was created with classroom delivery in mind, but the modules can easily be adapted to benefit young people in other structured environments such as youth organisations or workshops delivered by social workers.

The program is based on cognitive-behavioural principles, the evidence-based approach which says that our thoughts play a critical role in influencing feelings and consequent behaviour.

You can download SenseAbility modules for free below and watch the DVD on YouTube.

About each module

SenseAbility consists of seven modules, a DVD and a CD with downloadable curriculum materials and resources.

Click on the headings below to access and download the various SenseAbility modules.

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