Signs of Safety workbook & planning workbook

Signs of Safety Workbook

This workbook is designed as a hands-on resource for practitioners and supervisors using the Signs of Safety approach. It covers using the assessment and planning framework, the My Three Houses® tool, words and pictures explanations and safety planning. Numerous case examples are provided throughout.

  1. Signs of Safety Mapping Process
  2. Danger, Safety, Goals, and Judgement
  3. Danger Statements, Safety Goals and Safety Scales Example
  4. Interviewing Children in Child Protection Cases
  5. Building Effective Safety Plans in Child Protection Casework

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Safety Planning Workbook

This workbook is designed to guide professionals in the details of safety planning. The first chapter sets out 12 steps of safety planning and explores each in detail. The second chapter provides a detailed example of using these steps in a case involving a new baby and a three-year-old in care where there are concerns about drug use, domestic violence and the mother having previously made threats to kill the eldest child. The third chapter is called It takes a village: placing grandparents and extended family at the centre of safeguarding vulnerable children written by Susie Essex and Andrew Turnell, which describes safety planning with a case involving drug use and neglect. The workbook concludes with a Words and Pictures explanation and corresponding Safety Plan in a situation of unexplained infant injuries and a Safety Plan in circumstances of alleged sexual abuse.

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps in Safety Planning
  3. Safety Planning Case Example
  4. It Takes a Village: Placing Grandparents and Extended Family at the Centre of Safeguarding Vulnerable Children
  5. Example: Words and Pictures Explanation in an Injured Infant Case
  6. Example: Safety Plan in an Injured Infant Case
  7. Example: Safety Plan in a Sexual Abuse Case
  8. References

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