Telling the Children (Booklet for families of prisoners)

Telling the Children (Booklet for families of prisoners)-thumbnailThis Outsiders booklet provides helpful and practical information about the impact that imprisonment of a parent has on the children. The booklet covers a wide range of issues from what to say to the children, dealing with the child’s changing role in the family to coping with changes in a child’s behaviour.

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  • Caring for Children on your own
  • What to tell the Children
  • Your Situation

What if you were the victim?
What if you just say nothing?
Making up a story
Where to start?
Telling and reassuring a child
What could be the outcome of telling the children?
Coping with the situation

  • How will things change for the children?
  • Children’s Reactions

Temper tantrums
Refusing to go to school

  • Helpful Tips

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