Young people and sexual exploitation: Resource pack

This resource pack can be used with young people at risk of sexual exploitation. The aim is to enable young people to consider the issues and risks around child sexual exploitation identify risky situations and learn to build appropriate strategies to increase their safety.


Aminah – My Story
Session 1 – Self-esteem, body image, who is at risk of sexual exploitation?
Session 2 – Myths, reality and statistics, consent and male/female exploitation.
Session 3 – Consent and healthy relationships
Session 4 – Staying safe and minimising risks
Session 5 – Unhealthy/exploitative relationships – the tell-tale signs
Session 6 – Stereotypes and media stories of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Session 7 – Sexual health and safe sex
Session 8 – A good night out/A safe night out game
Session 9 – Grooming, social network and befriending
Session 10 – Case studies, ‘my dangerous loverboy’ DVD, CSE quiz and information Useful agencies and contacts

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