Adolescent family violence intervention program: Step-UP

Adolescent family violence intervention program: Step-UP

Step-Up is a nationally recognized adolescent family violence intervention program that provides valuable resources for social workers and other practitioners working with youth and families. The program is designed to address youth violence toward family members and offers evidence-based strategies and materials to support practitioners in their work.

Step-Up acknowledges the important role that social workers and other practitioners play in supporting families and promoting positive change. The program provides specific resources tailored to the needs of practitioners, including facilitator guides and workbooks for both teen and parent groups. These materials serve as valuable tools to guide practitioners in facilitating discussions, implementing interventions, and promoting healthy family dynamics.

By utilising the Step-Up program, social workers and other practitioners can enhance their practice and interventions when addressing adolescent family violence. The program’s comprehensive approach promotes respectful relationships, safety, and positive communication within families. Through the Step-Up program, practitioners can effectively engage with young poeople and families, promote healing and growth, and contribute to the prevention and reduction of adolescent family violence.

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The Step-Up Curriculum is divided into four downloadable documents: