Chore Challenge (Chore Chart)

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The Chore Challenge is a tool that helps parents create an enjoyable system for their children to earn points and rewards by completing chores. On the chore challenge worksheet, parents write specific tasks in each box for the child to complete. For instance, in the “morning” column, tasks could include “Wake up by 7:30 AM,” “Brush teeth,” and “Get ready for school on time.”

Whenever a task is successfully completed, parents can check off a box. The child can see their points accumulate as they complete tasks. These points can then be exchanged for exciting rewards. For example, earning 25 points could be rewarded with a special dessert or treat, and earning 100 points could lead to a fun family outing or game night.

It’s important to set goals that are challenging yet achievable. The tasks should be completed successfully around 80% of the time to maintain motivation and a sense of accomplishment for the child.


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