Helping children to cope with change, stress and anxiety: A photocopiable activities book

Helping Children to Cope with Change, Stress and Anxiety provides practical activities and strategies for children who are experiencing mild to moderate levels of stress, have difficulty coping with changes in their life or are prone to mild to moderate


Part One Being There: Interacting Mindfully

1. Supporting Emotional Well-being
2. Understanding Why we do the Things we do
3. Encouraging Imaginative Solutions

Part Two Skills for Life

4. Self-awareness
5. Imagework
6. Feelings

Part Three Coping with Change

7. Thinking about Change
8. Preparing for Change
9. Making a Change

Part Four Coping with Stress

10. What is Stress?
11. Changing how we Feel

Part Five Coping with Anxiety

12. Thinking, Feeling, Doing
13. What to do with Worries

Part Six Moving On

14. Setting Goals and Celebrating

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