Home safety check – risk assessment (Template)

Home safety check - risk assessment (Template)

This Home Safety Check Risk Assessment Template is a valuable tool originally designed for childminders but equally beneficial for social workers when assessing potential risks within a child’s home environment. It simplifies the process of identifying potential hazards in various areas of a household, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of children.

Social workers can effectively utilise this resource as part of their comprehensive assessments when working with families and children. It empowers them to conduct thorough evaluations of the living room, dining room, kitchen, hall & stairs, bathroom & toilet, bedrooms, outside spaces, and vehicles where children may spend their time.

Furthermore, this assessment template encompasses potential risks linked to various factors, including equipment, pets, weapons, and adult material. Social workers can use this tool to systematically identify and document these risks, which is crucial for making informed decisions regarding child safety and welfare.

By integrating this template into their practice, social workers can collaborate with families to address identified hazards, implement necessary safety measures, and provide guidance on creating a secure environment for children.


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