How it looks to me (Assessing wishes & feelings worksheets)

How it looks to me (Assessing wishes & feelings booklet)-thumbnail‘How it looks to me’ is an interactive and colourful booklet developed by CAFCASS to help social workers assess a child’s wishes and feelings.

The Child Impact Tool is a resource to help vulnerable children describe how any continuing significant harm they have experienced is affecting their life.

The tool can help the practitioner to understand the child’s perception of the harm they have suffered, or are likely to suffer, without emotional pressure or the infl uence of parents and siblings, and in an environment in which they feel safe.

It invites the child to talk/draw/write about the following topics:

  • About me (who lives with me & who doesn’t but means a lot to me)
  • Helping my family (who helps my family & looks after me)My life (likes & dislikes)
  • My feelings
  • My strenghts
  • My life journey
  • My worries
  • Feelings of safety
  • Family
  • Future hopes

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