NewDay Direct Work Toolbox – Voice of the Child Worksheets and Activities

NewDay Direct Work Toolbox - Voice of the Child Worksheets and ActivitiesNewDay Direct Work Toolbox: Voice of the Child Worksheets and Activities is a carefully curated resource designed by the NewDay team to support professionals working with children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse or violence. This comprehensive workbook is grounded in evidence-based practices and focuses on three critical areas: regulation, relationships, and resilience.

The toolbox contains a variety of interactive and engaging worksheets and activities developed with the input of children and young people from the London Borough of Newham. These activities are designed to help young individuals express their feelings, build their self-esteem, and develop coping strategies. By using creative tools like drawing, storytelling, and role-playing, the workbook facilitates meaningful conversations and provides a safe space for children to explore their emotions and experiences.


NewDay Direct Work Toolbox is ideal for a broad range of users, including:

  1. Social Workers and Counsellors: Professionals who support children and young people dealing with trauma, offering them structured activities to help clients articulate their feelings and build resilience.
  2. Teachers and Educators: Individuals looking for creative and interactive tools to address emotional and behavioural issues in the classroom setting.
  3. Parents and Guardians: Caregivers seeking resources to help their children process difficult experiences and foster open communication within the family.
  4. Youth Organisations: Groups dedicated to supporting young people’s mental health and well-being can integrate these activities into their programs.

Practical Applications

NewDay Direct Work Toolbox offers practical applications that can be seamlessly integrated into various settings:

  1. Individual Therapy Sessions: Social workers and counsellors can use the worksheets to facilitate one-on-one sessions, helping children articulate their feelings and work through their experiences in a safe, supportive environment.
  2. Group Activities: Educators and youth workers can employ these tools in group settings to promote peer support and collective problem-solving skills. Activities like “The Tree of Life” and “Snakes and Ladders” can be particularly effective in group dynamics.
  3. Classroom Integration: Teachers can incorporate these activities into their curriculum to address emotional literacy and foster a supportive classroom atmosphere. Exercises such as “Sorting Emojis” and “Daily Routines” can help students express their feelings and understand their peers better.
  4. Family Use: Parents and guardians can use the worksheets at home to build stronger bonds with their children, understanding their worries and strengths through activities like “My Story” and “Friendship Vouchers.”
  5. Workshops and Training: Youth organisations and training facilitators can use this toolbox in workshops to teach children about healthy relationships, coping mechanisms, and emotional regulation.

By providing structured yet flexible tools, NewDay Direct Work Toolbox empowers children and young people to express themselves, build resilience, and develop healthy relationships. This resource is essential for anyone dedicated to supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of children and adolescents.