Theraplay: Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play – Free Book

Theraplay: Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play - Free Book

“Theraplay: Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play” offers an in-depth look into Theraplay, a therapeutic approach focusing on improving the parent-child relationship through structured play activities. This book dives deeper into the principles of attachment theory, which forms the foundation of Theraplay. It explains how enhancing attachment, self-esteem, and trust in children can significantly impact their emotional and psychological well-being, especially for those facing social, emotional, or behavioural challenges.

The book is rich in practical guidance, offering a variety of activities and games designed to foster closeness, joy, and understanding between parents and their children. It addresses the needs of children from various backgrounds, including those with developmental issues like autism, children who have experienced trauma, and those in alternative care settings like foster care or adoption.

With detailed case studies and real-life examples, the book illustrates the application of Theraplay in diverse scenarios, providing a valuable resource for therapists, social workers, educators, and parents. It emphasises the role of play in building healthy, secure attachments and highlights the transformative power of nurturing, attuned interactions in a child’s development.


Part One: An Overview of the Theraplay Method
Learning the Basics of the Theraplay Method
Understanding the Theory and Research That Inform the Core Concepts of Theraplay
Research Findings That Support the Effectiveness of Theraplay

Part Two: Strategies for Theraplay Treatment
Structuring Theraplay Treatment
Working with the Child
Working with Parents

Part Three: Specific Applications of Theraplay
Theraplay for Children with Regulation Disorders
Theraplay for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Theraplay for Children with Histories of Complex Trauma
Theraplay for Children Who Are Adopted or in Foster Care
Theraplay for Adolescents
Group Theraplay

Appendix A: Marschak Interaction Method: Recommended Basic List of Tasks
Appendix B: Theraplay Activities by Dimension
Publications About Theraplay and the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM)



Strengthening Family Bonds:
Fun and Engaging Activities for Parents/Carers and Children, Including
Theraplay Techniques

“Strengthening Family Bonds” is a comprehensive resource offering various activities, games, and exercises, based on Theraplay techniques, aimed at enhancing family connections. It is especially beneficial for adoptive and fostering families, but all families can benefit from its wide range of activities designed to promote bonding, communication, and trust between parents/carers and children.

Strengthening Family Bonds: Relationship Building Activities for Parents/Carers and Children theraplay