An Activity Book For African American Families: Helping Children Cope with Crisis

This book, geared toward African American families and communities, describes ways to help children cope with crisis and describes activities that can help children to handle their emotions and to communicate using their creativity.

This 94-page activity book, from the NICHD and the National Black Child Development Institute, provides information and resources that can help parents instill a sense of safety in their children during times of crisis, through creative activities that encourage communication. The book is part of an effort to give parents tools to help their children handle crises.

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Inspire Hope in Your Child
Activity 1: Hope 12
Activity 2: My vision for the future
Be Still and Listen to Your Child
Activity 1: All I need is love
Activity 2: Feelings
Support, Comfort, and Love Your Child
Activity 1: It takes a village
Activity 2: Family treasure box
Activity 3: All about me
Give Your Child Information that is Age-Appropriate 
Activity 1: I’m just a kid
Activity 2: A picture is worth a thousand words
Activity 3: What do my parents think?
Help Your Child Feel Safe
Activity 1: Celebration
Activity 2: Ties that bind
Make a Plan with Your Child for Emergencies 
Activity 1: Never give up
Activity 2: Safety plan
Help Your Child Feel Good about Himself 
Activity 1: That’s me
Activity 2: Beautiful me!
Activity 3: Tell me something good
Activity 4: Image building
Pay Attention to What Your Child Watches on TV
Activity 1: Just being you is the right thing
Activity 2: What’s wrong with this picture?
Share Your Faith with Your Child 
Activity 1: This little light of mine
Activity 2: I say a little prayer for you
Activity 3: Felt wall hanging
Just for Parents 

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