Parent’s Guide to Talking to Children About Alcohol and Drugs

This guide is aimed at parents, guardians and others who care for children. It can help them to understand the risks related to alcohol and drug use in teenagers. It offers you practical advice on how to tackle issues that may arise. It also gives…

Talking To Kids About Alcohol: A guide for parents and carers

This booklet gives tips and guidance for parents and carers to approach the issue of drinking with their children, teenagers or young adults. Talking about it early on will help their child to understand alcohol and its effects, and make sensible choices about drinking in…

The Cycle of Change

A social worker can use this handout to help their service user understand the cycle of change, assess which stage they are in and help them plan how to facilitate progress.

The Alcohol Scale

The primary concern of this questionnaire is not the amount of alcohol consumed, but how it impacts on the individual and, more particularly, on their role as a parent. This questionnaire has been found to be effective in detecting individuals with alcohol disorders and those…

Drugs & Alcohol Workbook

Excellent workbook enabling practitioners to assist their service user to understand their addiction cycle, introduce tools which can be used during their recovery and teach them various coping strategies for life. Click here to view/download CONTENTS: Introduction How to use this workbook Introduction to substance use…

AUDIT: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test & Guidelines

Used to identify whether there is a problem with alcohol dependency, the AUDIT is a simple questionnaire method developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) assessing alcohol consumption, drinking behaviours, and alcohol-related problems.

Alcohol Use Questionnaire

The Alcohol Use Questionnaire recommended by the Department of Health has been found to be effective in detecting adults with alcohol disorders and those with hazardous drinking.