Book of Learning & Earning for Care Leavers

Book of Learning & Earning for Care LeaversThe Book of Learning & Earning for Care Leavers is a valuable resource specifically designed for young adults (aged 16-25) in England who have recently left or are in the process of leaving care. This comprehensive guide provides practical information, advice, and activities to support care leavers in their transition to independent living and decision-making regarding education and work. It covers topics such as making plans, personal skills, learning opportunities, job hunting, managing finances, and maintaining well-being.

The book encourages care leavers to reflect on their journey, set goals, and track their progress. It also includes useful resources, websites, and helpline information for further support. This book aims to empower care leavers to make informed choices and develop action plans for their future, ensuring they have the necessary tools and guidance to achieve their goals and navigate the challenges of adulthood.


About this book
Who is a care leaver?
Making plans
Positive statements
Personal skills
Taking up learning
Learning while you are earning
Taking up work
Hints and tips for job hunting
Keeping track of job hunting
Taking up work and managing your money
Action planning and getting to your goal
Looking back and looking forward
Looking after your money
Looking after your health, well-being and happiness
Other useful information
Websites and helplines


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