Boss of My Body – A Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet for Kids

Boss of My Body - A Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet for Kids“Boss of My Body” is a vital resource for parents and caregivers to initiate important conversations with children about personal safety, boundaries, and consent. This book empowers children by reinforcing key messages such as “My body is mine” and “My body belongs to me.” It addresses sensitive topics like safe and unsafe touches, private parts, and the importance of recognising and reporting sexual abuse.

By providing practical safety rules and guidance on distinguishing between good and bad secrets, the book equips children with knowledge to protect themselves. It promotes discussions about stranger danger and encourages open communication with trusted adults.

“Boss of My Body” emphasises the importance of teaching children that their body parts are private and that they have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. By initiating these conversations, parents and caregivers can create a foundation for building a child’s understanding of personal boundaries and safety, empowering them to navigate their world with confidence.



All About Touches: Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet

The resource is aimed at teaching children about the different types of touches, including good, bad, and confusing touches, as a fundamental part of abuse prevention. It encourages open dialogue about what constitutes a safe touch and empowers children to understand and communicate their feelings regarding physical interactions. This book can be used by parents and educators as a guide to discuss sensitive topics with children, ensuring they have the knowledge to protect themselves and understand their own boundaries.

All About Touches: Sexual Abuse Prevention 

Do You Feel My Pain? Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet

This resourceful guide encourages children to express their feelings and understand that their emotional experiences are unique. It highlights the importance of communication in identifying and responding to uncomfortable situations, aiming to equip children with the skills needed for abuse prevention. Suitable for use in educational settings or at home, this book serves as a foundation for discussions about personal boundaries, respect for others’ feelings, and the significance of verbalising one’s emotions for mutual understanding and safety.

Do You Feel My Pain? Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet

I Just Said “No”! Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet

This resource is a short children’s book designed to empower children by teaching them when it is appropriate to say “No” to adults, aiming to prevent abuse by helping them distinguish between safe and unsafe requests. It outlines various scenarios, guiding children on when to comply with requests and when it is crucial to refuse, reinforcing their understanding of consent and personal boundaries. Developed by the Global Children’s Fund, this book serves as a crucial tool for abuse prevention, making it an invaluable resource for parents and educators alike in fostering a safe environment for children.

I Just Said "No"! Sexual Abuse Prevention Booklet