Living with a drug user: a booklet for the parents of drug users

A comprehensive 53 page booklet tackling in depth the many questions parents have when they find out a child is using drugs. This is an excellent resource for all parents of drug users and provides the tools needed to cope with most situations. It also…

The Blue Polar Bear: Storybook about parental dual diagnosis

This beautifully illustrated book is for children 5-7 years. Its aim is to help workers, carers and parents to introduce the issues of parental dual diagnosis (mental illness and substance misuse), explore concerns and encourage positive coping and help-seeking behaviours. Click here to view/download

Get It Straight – The Facts About Drugs Facilitator & Student Guides

Get It Straight! is an informative, interactive 10-day programme designed to challenge the idea that drugs are harmless and teach the harmful health and societal effects of drug abuse. Facilitators of the programme can help younger teens make smart choices and avoid the consequences of…

Growing up drug free: A parent’s guide to prevention

‘Growing up drug free: A parent’s guide to prevention’ provides a user-friendly guide for what to do and how to communicate about the harmful effects of illicit drugs and alcohol to children from elementary through high school. It is organized in 6 major sections: What you…

The Cycle of Change

A social worker can use this handout to help their service user understand the cycle of change, assess which stage they are in and help them plan how to facilitate progress.

The Substances And Choices Scale – SACS

The Substances and Choices Scale (SACS) is a brief screening and outcome measurement instrument for assessing and monitoring the use and impact of alcohol and drugs in young people. It is designed to be used by health professionals working with young people that are engaged…

DAST: Drug Abuse Screening Test

The Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-10) is a 10-item brief screening tool that can be administered by a clinician or self-administered. Each question requires a yes or no response, and the tool can be completed in less than 8 minutes. This tool assesses drug use,…

The Truth about Drugs booklet by Frank

The Truth about Drugs A-Z booklet gives the lowdown on lots of legal and illegal drugs. Give it to your service user or discuss the topics with them – the discussion will enable you to assess their understanding of drugs and drug related problems.

The Truth about Drugs booklet by Drug Free World

The Truth about Drugs is a visually catching booklet which talks about the basic facts about commonly abused drugs (description, street names and short/long term effects). Great for handing out to your service user or discussing the topic with them. 

Drugs & Alcohol Workbook

Excellent workbook enabling practitioners to assist their service user to understand their addiction cycle, introduce tools which can be used during their recovery and teach them various coping strategies for life. Click here to view/download CONTENTS: Introduction How to use this workbook Introduction to substance use…