Parent’s Guide to Talking to Children About Alcohol and Drugs

Parent's Guide to Talking to Children About Alcohol and DrugsThis guide is aimed at parents, guardians and others who care for children. It can help them to understand the risks related to alcohol and drug use in teenagers. It offers you practical advice on how to tackle issues that may arise.

It also gives them tips on how to get the conversation about drugs and alcohol started with their teenager and how they can help them to protect themselves when faced with peer and societal pressure.


About this Booklet
Quick Guide: 6 Steps to Protecting your Child from Alcohol and Drugs
Talking about Alcohol and Other Drugs
How to challenge marketing and media messages
How to set a good example
Risks and Problems
Resilience, Emotions and the Teenage Brain
Brain development
Dealing with emotional problems and upset
Your guide to resilient children and teenagers
Staying Close to your Child
Help! He won’t talk to me
Your guide to active listening
Your guide to staying close to your child
Setting Boundaries
Help! Trying to set boundaries always ends in an argument
Your guide to setting boundaries
How to be the parent
Your guide to parties and discos
Your guide to parties at your home
Your guide to handling resistance
Help! All her friends are allowed
Handling Alcohol and Drug Use
Help! My child got really drunk
Tips for safer socialising
Help! I think my son is taking drugs
Your guide to recognising drug and alcohol use
How do alcohol and drug problems run in families?
Alcohol, drugs and the law
Iceland – A case study
Further Information – Helplines and Websites


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