All about me booklet (21 pages)

This 21-page colourful All about me booklet (21 pages)-thumbnailbooklet with various worksheets is great for direct work with children. It enables social workers to assess and discuss the following areas of a child’s life:

How I Grow and Develop
• Being healthy
• Learning to be responsible
• Learning and achieving
• Becoming independent, looking after myself
• Being able to communicate
• Enjoying family and friends
• Confidence in who I am
What I need from the people who look after me
• Guidance, supporting me to make the right decisions
• Everyday care and help
• Knowing what is going to happen when
• Keeping me safe
• Being there for me
• Understanding my families history, background and beliefs
• Play, encouragement and fun
My Wider World
• Belonging
• Work opportunities for my family
• Comfortable and safe housing
• Enough money
• Local resources
• School
• Support from family, friends and other people

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