All about me booklet (21 pages)

FREE DOWNLOAD OF ALL ABOUT ME BOOKLET (21 PAGES)The ‘All About Me’ booklet is a 21-page resource full of colourful worksheets intended for direct work with children. It is designed to help social workers explore various aspects of a child’s life. The booklet is divided into three main sections:

How I Grow and Develop
• Being healthy
• Learning to be responsible
• Learning and achieving
• Becoming independent, looking after myself
• Being able to communicate
• Enjoying family and friends
• Confidence in who I am
What I need from the people who look after me
• Guidance, supporting me to make the right decisions
• Everyday care and help
• Knowing what is going to happen when
• Keeping me safe
• Being there for me
• Understanding my families history, background and beliefs
• Play, encouragement and fun
My Wider World
• Belonging
• Work opportunities for my family
• Comfortable and safe housing
• Enough money
• Local resources
• School
• Support from family, friends and other people

The booklet aims to provide an assessment tool that allows social workers to better understand the child’s needs, aspirations, and the resources available to them. It serves as a valuable tool for engaging with the child and planning effective support.



My Life Workbook – Worksheets for Children

The “My Life Workbook” is an interactive resource designed for children to express themselves and share information about their lives. It includes sections for them to write about their family, health, school, activities, friends, and personal interests. This workbook can be used by educators, social workers, and parents as a tool to better understand and support a child’s emotional and social development.

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