Dog risk assessment form

Dog risk assessment form

The Dog Risk Assessment Form is a template created by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) to assess the suitability and significance of a dog in the context of fostering or adoption. It is designed to evaluate potential risks associated with a dog and determine the actions needed to mitigate those risks.

The form covers various areas of assessment, including basic details of the dog such as name, breed, age, and owner/handler information. It also examines the dog’s personality and history, considering factors such as temperament, previous ownership history, and any incidents or aggressive behavior. The living arrangements, training, and routines of the dog are evaluated to understand its environment and level of obedience.

Health and hygiene aspects are considered, including vaccination status, medical conditions, and grooming practices. The form also includes sections on safety, which assesses triggers, reactivity, and any history of biting or aggressive behavior. A safety checklist is provided to ensure that necessary safety measures are in place, such as secure fencing and safe sleeping arrangements.

Additional sections cover breeding/employment history, social worker observations of the dog’s behavior, and a summary and analysis by the social worker regarding the dog’s suitability and potential risks.

This comprehensive assessment tool can be utilized not only in the context of fostering or adoption but also in other areas of social work where assessing the risks associated with a dog is necessary.


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