Child Sexual Exploitation Educational Videos

The Story of Jay

This short animated video, just a minute and a half long, shares a made-up story about a young person who faces sexual exploitation by someone named “Jay.” The video shows how Jay tricks and takes advantage of the young person.

It’s a great way to talk to young people about Child Sexual Exploitation and see if they can spot the warning signs themselves.


Tea and Consent

The “Tea and Consent” video is a creative and effective analogy used to explain the concept of consent in a simple and relatable way. The video uses the act of making someone a cup of tea as a metaphor for initiating sexual activity. The idea is that if you wouldn’t force someone to have a cup of tea, you shouldn’t force them into any sexual activity either.

The film shows a victim’s perspective of CSE and aims to highlight the signs to anyone who may be at risk.

Know the Signs – David’s story – A Victim’s Perspective of Child Sexual Exploitation

Another film showing a victim’s perspective of CSE and aims to highlight the signs to anyone who may be at risk.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) | Greg’s Story

In this animated short film, hear about how Barnardo’s helped Greg escape sexual exploitation that began when he was 12.

“Kayleigh’s Love Story” is a movie that portrays the events of the final 13 days in the life of 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood. The story revolves around how she was targeted and groomed online by Luke Harlow, a man she had never met before. Tragically, she was later raped and murdered by Stephen Beadman, who was Harlow’s next-door neighbor.

This film serves as a powerful warning to both children and adults about the grave risks of grooming and sexual exploitation, highlighting the heartbreaking consequences of these dangers in the wake of Kayleigh’s untimely death in November 2015.

Nude Selfies- What Parents and Carers Need to Know

Film 1: Helps parents and carers understand the reasons why young people create and share nude or nearly nude images.

Film 2: Assists parents and carers in learning effective strategies for talking to their child about nude or nearly nude images.

Film 3: Guides parents and carers on how to respond if their child discloses that they have shared nude or nearly nude images by risk assessing the different contexts in which images may be shared.

Film 4: Informs parents and carers about how to get help and support if their child shares nude or nearly nude images.

A film demonstrating when a partner’s behaviour isn’t acceptable.

This short story shows how posting an image online for the whole world to see can ruin peoples lives.

Alright Charlie was produced for Yr 5 and 6 primary school children to raise awareness of online safety and grooming. It is age appropriate, gender neutral and accessible to both girls and boys.

Professional Guidance
Alright Charlie YP Workbook

Parents are often the first to notice that their child is being exploited. It is so important to act quickly and intervene early if you suspect your child is being exploited. Listen to some parents whose children have been exploited talk about the changes they noticed in their child.

Do you need consent if you are in a relationship? Do you know how to spot the signs of consent? What is consent? Find out what happens when boxers turn to their friends for advice on the different ways to spot consent.

The story of Jamie and Emma’s relationship, from the seemingly loving early stages to the development of coercive and controlling behaviours