Feelings Thermometer Worksheet

Feelings thermometer free worksheetThis is a free feelings thermometer worksheet that can be used by social workers and other professionals with service users of all ages to help them identify and express their emotions. Some ways social workers could use this resource:

  • With young children, have them point to or colour in how they are feeling that day. Ask follow up questions to understand more. Track their feelings over multiple sessions.
  • With teens or adults, have them mark on the thermometer where they fall that day and use it as a starting point for a deeper discussion of their emotional state. Observe their feelings over time.
  • Share it with caregivers or parents and have them use it with their child or loved one, then report back on any patterns or concerns.
  • Use it as a self-assessment before or after sessions to gauge shifts in mood and emotional state.
  • For children who struggle to articulate emotions, use it as a visual aid to expand their emotional vocabulary.


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