‘What Makes Me Feel Safe’ Worksheet for Children

What-makes-me-feel-safe-free-worksheet-pdf-imageThe “What Makes Me Feel Safe” worksheet is a tool to help children identify and communicate things that provide them with comfort and a sense of security. Children encouraged to complete these sections:

  • People & Animals – Allows the child to list people and pets who provide comfort and security through their presence and relationship. This might include parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, social workers or their favourite animal.
  • Things I Can Do – Activities and hobbies that make the child feel good and distract from worries. This could be reading, drawing, singing, playing sports, etc.
  • Things I Can Hold – Stuffed animals, blankets, fidget toys, or other comforting objects the child can physically hold.
  • Places – Spaces the child identifies as safe havens, like their bedroom, a relative’s home, school, or park.
  • Anything Else – Open section for child to add any other ideas like favorite foods, sights, sounds, toys that help them self-soothe.

By completing each section, the child is encouraged to become more self-aware of their personal coping strategies, support systems, and emotional needs. Sharing the finished worksheet enables the present professional to better understand what uniquely meets that child’s needs and gives them a sense of safety. Both the child and professional can use the open communication facilitated by the worksheet to build trust and collaborate on tailoring guidance, resources and interventions to strengthen the child’s resilience.


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