Getting to know a child’s routine activity tool

Getting to know a child's routine activity tool

The ‘Getting to know a child’s routine activity tool’ supports social workers to gain an understanding of a child’s or young person’s daily routine in an engaging way. The document contains 40+ individual slips with various activities/feelings which a child is asked to sort out into three piles – “every day”, “sometimes” or “never”, depending on how often they engage in this activity/have this particular feeling.

The activity provides an interactive and visual method for the child to communicate information about their typical experiences, relationships and emotional state. Sorting the slips requires the child to reflect on and categorise different aspects of their daily life. The resulting sorted piles provide the social worker with insights into the child’s perspectives, interests, support systems and any potential issues. Overall, the tool aims to build rapport and elicit information from the child in a child-friendly, non-threatening manner.