Gangs: Advice to parents and carers (booklet)

Gangs: Advice to parents and carers (booklet)

The “Gangs: Advice to Parents and Carers” booklet provides valuable guidance and information on addressing the issue of young people joining gangs. It aims to support parents and carers in understanding the reasons behind youth involvement in gangs and offers advice on how to recognise the signs to look out for.

The booklet recognises that gang involvement is not limited to boys and acknowledges the importance of addressing the issue across genders. It provides practical suggestions and strategies for parents and carers to take proactive steps in preventing gang involvement and supporting their children.

In cases where a child is already involved in a gang, the booklet offers guidance on how to navigate this challenging situation and provides resources for additional support. It also outlines the legal aspects related to gangs, helping parents and carers understand the legal framework surrounding gang activity.

Throughout the booklet, useful contacts are provided, ensuring that parents and carers have access to relevant organisations and professionals who can offer assistance and further information in dealing with the issue of gangs.


Why do young people join gangs?
Signs to look out for
It’s not just the boys
What can you do?
If your child is already involved
What the law says
Useful contacts