Impact of Parental Conflict Tool

Impact of Parental Conflict Tool

This tools helps professionals identify and analyse the emotionally harmful impact of parental conflict on a child. The resource consists of a list of 10 indicators that can be used to assess the significance of different behaviours and dynamics in the child’s relationship with their parents.

The indicators cover the child’s descriptions of the parents, the reasoning behind dislikes/complaints about one parent, the child’s opinions on contact with each parent, the appropriateness of the child’s comments based on age, the child’s anxiety levels during contact, consistency between siblings’ responses, changes in the rejected parent’s relationship with the child after separation, and connections between the resident parent’s emotional warmth and the child’s resistance to contact.

For each indicator, the professional is expected to choose whether it applies significantly to the specific case being analysed. The results are then meant to inform the professional’s report on the child impact analysis and recommendations related to the parental conflict.


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