Supporting Youth Who Experience Racism: Ideas for Parents and Caregivers

Supporting Youth Who Experience Racism Ideas for Parents and CaregiversThe “Supporting Youth Who Experience Racism” handout provides parents and caregivers with practical strategies to help youth of color cope with and respond to racism. In an easy-to-use 3-page format, it outlines tips across three key areas: reflecting on the family’s experiences with racism, helping youth cope when racist incidents occur, and promoting a positive racial/ethnic identity. Specific suggestions include having open conversations about racism, taking action together against injustice, sharing cultural history and traditions, finding diverse role models and media, and teaching kids that racial stereotypes are false.

The handout synthesizes wisdom from generations of parents/caregivers of color along with input from experts in the field of racial trauma and resilience. It emphasizes starting with small steps and offers extensive additional resources for further reading and learning. Overall, this research-based guide aims to provide parents and caregivers with concrete tools to foster coping skills, resilience, and positive identity in teens of color facing racism.



Coping with the Stress of Racism: Helpful Information for Teens

This is an informative guide designed to help teenagers understand and manage the stress caused by experiences of racism. It discusses various forms of racism such as microaggressions, individual racism, environmental racism, institutional racism, and structural racism, and how they can impact mental health. The resource provides practical coping strategies, including seeking social support, engaging in self-care, and taking action within one’s community, to help teens navigate and mitigate the stress associated with racial discrimination.


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Coping with the Stress of Racism: Helpful Information for Kids & Teens

This educational and supportive guide is aimed at young people facing racism. It explores various forms of racism and their impact on mental health, providing practical advice on coping with the stress and emotional toll of these experiences. The resource focuses on developing resilience, understanding racism’s various manifestations, and offers strategies for effective stress management and seeking support.

Coping with the Stress of Racism: Helpful Information for Kids & Teens