Project: Kids, Let’s Talk – Storybook for military families

Project: Kids, Let's Talk - Storybook for military families

“Kids, Let’s Talk” is a storybook specifically designed for military families, addressing the unique challenges they face. The story revolves around a young boy named Luc, whose parents serve in the military. Luc encounters feelings of loneliness, worry, and anger due to the frequent changes and disruptions that military life brings, such as moving to new bases and experiencing deployments.

As Luc’s father is away on duty, he finds himself shouldering additional responsibilities and feeling overwhelmed by the stress of his circumstances. It is during this time that Luc encounters a character named Iris the Dragon, who becomes a source of support and guidance for him. Through his interactions with Iris, Luc learns strategies to regain control over his situation and discovers that there is help available not only for himself but also for his family.

“Kids, Let’s Talk” sensitively addresses the emotional and practical challenges faced by military children and their families. It acknowledges the unique experiences of these families and offers a narrative that allows children to identify with Luc’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. By presenting Luc’s journey, the storybook provides a platform for open discussions about the impact of military life on children and emphasises the importance of seeking support during challenging times.


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