Videos for Kids on Honesty and Lying

Presenting: “Honesty Is The Best Policy | Moral Stories for Kids | Bedtime story| CoolToonz | Rhea & Ricky EP04” Welcome to Cooltoonz TV’s short moral stories about Rhea & Ricky. In this video, find out what happens when Ricky lies about finishing his homework so that he could go out to play. Whenever you make mistakes you repay for them too. So, be careful about your actions for you never know what it might turn out to be.

Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back; A Tale About Telling The Truth. Howard is lying a lot. He listens to the little voice in his head called intuition that tells him lying is wrong. Howard uses his listening power to help stay safe, get in less trouble, have more free time for fun, get along better with others and learn more. He never gets in trouble in school or at home for too much listening.

Do you or anyone you know lies often? Watch this fun moral story on lying which playfully teaches the consequences of lying.