Girls’ Talk: Workbook for girls engaging in harmful sexual behaviour

Girls Talk: Workbook for girls engaging in harmful sexual behaviour

“Girls Talk: Workbook for Girls Engaging in Harmful Sexual Behaviour” is a comprehensive resource developed for professionals working with girls and young women who have displayed harmful sexual behavior. It is part of Barnardo’s Girl’s Research Project, aiming to reduce risk and support these individuals in developing healthy adult relationships.

The workbook covers five main themes, addressing different aspects of the girls’ experiences and development. The themes include:

  1. Setting the Scene: This section establishes the groundwork for the workbook, encouraging open discussions, exploring personal journeys, and understanding strengths and needs.
  2. My Life Experiences: Focusing on creating a sense of safety, addressing shame, and building self-worth, this section includes activities on mindfulness, self-compassion, and the use of therapeutic stories.
  3. Positive Self: Exploring self-perception, body image, and self-appreciation, this section offers exercises and self-reflection activities to help girls find happiness within themselves.
  4. Healthy Relationships: Delving into defining relationships, setting boundaries, and understanding healthy sexual relationships, this section includes exercises on identifying behaviors, addressing bullying, and promoting positive relationship dynamics.
  5. Self-Regulation & Positive Strategies: EmphasiSing emotional awareness, effective communication, coping strategies, and goal-setting, this section provides tools for conflict resolution and encourages a focus on solutions.

The workbook is accompanied by research explanations that support each theme, offering a solid foundation for the content. Additionally, downloadable worksheets complement the exercises and activities, enhancing the learning experience.

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Part 1: Girls Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviours
Using this Resource

Part 2: Workbook Exercises
Theme 1: Setting the Scene
Exercise 1.1 – Problem-free Discussion Activities
Exercise 1.2 – Attunement Activities
Exercise 1.3 – My Journey
Exercise 1.4 – Relationship Islands
Exercise 1.5 – Strengths and Needs Wheel
Theme 2: My Life experiences
Exercise 2.1 – Feeling Safe
Exercise 2.2 – ‘My Masks’ Activities
Exercise 2.3 – The Journey from Shame to Self-worth
Exercise 2.4 – Mindfulness – exploring senses
Exercise 2.5 – Mindfulness – calming and focus
Exercise 2.6 – Mindfulness – feelings and thoughts
Exercise 2.7 – Self-Compassion Checklist and Reflections’ Diary
Exercise 2.8 – Compassion for Others Checklist and Diary
Exercise 2.9 – Therapeutic Stories Theme 3: Positive Self
Exercise 3.1 – ‘What Do I Think and Feel About…’ Quiz
Exercise 3.2 – About Me
Exercise 3.3 – Body Image Activities
Exercise 3.4 – Seeing Me
Exercise 3.5 – My Appreciation List
Exercise 3.6 – What Makes Me Happy
Exercise 3.7 – Seeing Me Collage
Theme 4: Healthy Relationships
Exercise 4.1 – Defining Relationships
Exercise 4.2 – Relationships in My Life
Exercise 4.3 – People and Relationships Scrapbook
Exercise 4.4 – Behaviours in My Relationships
Exercise 4.5 – Boundaries
Exercise 4.6 – Exploring My Relationships
Exercise 4.7 – Relationships Paper-chain
Exercise 4.8 – ‘Time Together Jar’
Exercise 4.9 – What is Bullying?
Exercise 4.10 – What Would I Do?
Exercise 4.11 – How Would I Feel?
Exercise 4.12 – Healthy Sexual Relationships Jigsaw
Exercise 4.13 – Rainbow and Raindrops
Exercise 4.14 – Amy’s Story
Theme 5: Self-Regulation and Positive Strategies
Exercise 5.1 – Words for Feelings
Exercise 5.2 – Feelings in M y Body
Exercise 5.3 – Emotional Self-Awareness
Exercise 5.4 – Three Types of Communication
Exercise 5.5 – Changing ‘You’ to ‘I’ Messages
Exercise 5.6 – ‘I’ Statements
Exercise 5.7 – Conflict Resolution
Exercise 5.8 – My Bag of Calm
Exercise 5.9 – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Exercise 5.10 – Focusing on the Solution
Exercise 5.11 – Goal Setting
Exercise 5.12 – Girls’ Talk Game