Domestic abuse worksheets for children

Domestic abuse worksheets for children“Domestic Abuse Worksheets for Children” is a valuable resource designed to support children who have been affected by domestic abuse. The workbook contains a collection of worksheets that aim to help children express their emotions, understand their family dynamics, and develop strategies for staying safe. Each worksheet provides a thoughtful and interactive approach to engage children in the healing process. With these worksheets, children can explore their feelings, learn about healthy relationships, and build resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. This resource serves as a practical tool for professionals, caregivers, and support workers who are working with children impacted by domestic violence.

Section 1: Getting to know the child
– Who Am I?
– About Me
Section 2: Checking In with the child’s feelings
– Positive Thoughts
– About My Day
– About My Week
– What’s My Mood?
Section 3: Family and House
– My Family Tree
– My House
– My Dream House
Section 4: Keeping Safe
– Safe or Unsafe
– When Grown-ups Argue
– When Adults Argue
– Safety Plan


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