How to increase your self-esteem booklet

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The booklet from the mental health charity Mind offers comprehensive guidance on improving self-esteem. It clearly defines self-esteem and analyses its relationship with mental health difficulties like depression. The booklet covers causes from childhood experiences to loneliness.

Practical tips are provided to challenge negative self-beliefs and cultivate positive ones. Doing enjoyable activities, looking after physical health, being assertive, and keeping a list of personal strengths are suggested. Further self-help ideas include setting achievable goals, mindfulness techniques, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Friends and family are advised on supporting loved ones by being patient, non-blaming, and reminding them of positives. The booklet emphasizes that while nurturing self-esteem takes time, it is possible with self-care strategies, support networks, and professional help like counselling if needed.

Quotes from individuals’ experiences provide additional insights into low self-esteem’s impacts and overcoming it. A 10-point summary of key strategies, worksheets for noting positive qualities and thought-challenging, and listings of useful organisations offer practical resources.


What is self-esteem?
What causes low self-esteem?
How is low self-esteem related to mental health?
What can I do to build my self-esteem?
What other help is available?
What can friends and family do to help?
Self-help resources
Useful contacts