Managing jealousy leaflet

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This is a 4-page leaflet offering guidance on constructively dealing with jealousy in relationships. It is designed to help people recognise and change controlling or abusive behaviours stemming from jealousy.

The leaflet first lists potentially abusive acts like constantly calling to check up on a partner or restricting their freedom. It analyses how jealous behaviours can serve to control a partner but ultimately push them away.

Ten tips are then provided to manage jealousy in a healthy way, such as stopping checking behaviours, distracting oneself from suspicious thoughts, building self-esteem, empathising with one’s partner, avoiding alcohol, and accepting relationships can end.

The leaflet covers how past infidelity can understandably impact trust but abusive behaviours are never justified. It emphasises the importance of speaking out about abuse. Ways to healthily communicate jealousy concerns while respecting a partner’s boundaries are suggested.

The overall tone is insightful and compassionate. By outlining unhealthy relationship patterns and concrete strategies for change, this concise leaflet supports individuals struggling with destructive jealousy to make positive shifts in their thinking and actions.