Non-violent resistance booklets for parents & siblings

Non-violent resistance (NVR) addresses violent, destructive and harmful behaviours in children and adolescents. NVR can help parents and carers overcome their sense of helplessness. It can help develop a support network that will stop violent and destructive behaviours both in and out of the home. It can improve relationships between family members and the outside world.

PARENT’S BOOKLET: Non-violent resistance; guidelines for parents of children or adolescents with violent or destructive behaviours

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Is your household like this?
Working together and parental presence inside the home
“I am not alone in this”
Finding and using supporters
The announcement
The baskets
The sit-in
Rebuilding the relationship
Helping brothers and sisters tell their story
Parental presence outside the home
What parents and carers say about NVR
Looking after yourself

SIBLING’S BOOKLET: Non-violent resistance; guide for brothers and sisters

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