Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practitioner Toolkit & Activity Sheets for Direct Work with Children

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practitioner Toolkit & Activity Sheets for Direct Work with ChildrenThe Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practitioner Toolkit, developed by Kirklees Safeguarding Children Partnership, is a comprehensive resource designed for professionals who work with children, young people, and families. This toolkit is crafted to address the need for effective interventions and advice in the area of harmful sexual behaviour, especially for cases that may not progress through the criminal justice system but still require targeted responses.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Wide Professional Application: Aimed at enhancing the confidence of professionals across education, social work, family support, and other sectors, the toolkit provides a unified approach to dealing with harmful sexual behavior.
  • Diverse Interventions: The toolkit includes activity sheets tailored for direct work with children, offering interventions suitable for various age groups and settings, whether individual or group work. These interventions are designed to facilitate discussions around consent, relationships, emotional regulation, and more, making them highly versatile.
  • Educational Resources: It encompasses a broad range of topics, from understanding harmful sexual behaviour and responding to disclosures to promoting safe environments for interventions. This educational aspect is vital for both professionals and the families they support.
  • Multi-Agency Approach: Encourages a collaborative response among professionals, ensuring a coherent strategy in addressing harmful sexual behaviour. By using tools like the Brook Traffic Light Tool, professionals can assess sexual behaviours and respond appropriately.
  • Support for Professionals and Families: The toolkit provides practical guidance on dealing with disclosures, engaging with parents and caregivers, and ensuring the safety and well-being of all involved. This includes advice for parents on responding to their children’s behaviours and accessing local support resources.
  • Promotes Positive Change: With a focus on early intervention and prevention, the toolkit aims to reduce the incidence of harmful sexual behavior among children and young people. By addressing behaviours early and effectively, it contributes to the long-term well-being of individuals and communities.

Professionals can utilise this toolkit in various settings, tailoring interventions to the needs of the individuals they work with. It serves as a guide for structured sessions that address the underlying issues contributing to harmful sexual behaviour, fostering an environment of understanding, support, and change.

The Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practitioner Toolkit is an essential resource for professionals seeking to address harmful sexual behaviours in a sensitive, informed, and constructive manner. By providing a comprehensive range of interventions and advice, it supports the goal of promoting healthier, safer communities through education, prevention, and targeted support.