Learning how to parent by videos

This amazing resource “Learning how to parent by videos” is an online platform that offers a wide range of video guides to assist parents and caregivers in their parenting journey. These videos are designed to provide practical advice on various aspects of child care, tailored to children of all ages.

The video guides are created with simplicity in mind, ensuring that they are easy to understand and follow. The content covers a wide array of topics, starting from caring for newborns to dealing with challenging teenage behaviour. Importantly, there are dedicated sections intended to support parents of children with disabilities and autism.

To enhance accessibility, the videos are organised into specific age groups, making it straightforward for parents to find information relevant to their child’s developmental stage.

In addition to the practical advice offered, the resource emphasises inclusivity and acknowledges the diverse needs of parents and caregivers. By addressing specific challenges and providing relevant guidance, the platform aims to offer support to a broader range of families.

Link to Raising Children website to view/download

Links to specific age groups:

School age